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Sports & Rehabilitation

Our Rehabilitation section is recommended for Medical Professionals especially
Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and TCM Practitioners

General Consumers are welcome too!

Ergonomics                 - Range of furniture and Cushions for Proper Posture
                                      & your Spinal Health

Evaluation                   - Professional Assessment of Range of Motion
                                      & electronic diagnostic aids

General Healthcare      - Blood Pressure Sets, Hot and Cold Treatment                                   For more thermometers , Click Here

Professional                - Machines for Physiotherapists and the Allied Health  

                                      Radial Shockwave Treatment

;">Rehab Furniture        - Hydraulic and Electric Treatment Couches
Featuring the Gymna Uniphy Range

Rehab Therapy         - Pedal Exerciser, Exercise Pulley, Step Counter
                                    * Also Exercise Range

Respiratory                - Oxygen Generator, Portable Oxygen Tank
                                     Peak Flow Meter, Volumetric Spacer

Sports Activities         - Range for the Physically Active

Support Range          - Pillows, Cushions, Restraints
                                    Sports Tapes

Traction Range         - Traction for the Neck (Cervical) and Lower Back

ZAMST Braces         - Highly Technical Japanese Braces
                                 Protection for all needs


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