TERUMO Spinal Needle

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TERUMO® Spinal Needles
SN*1890 Spinal Needle 18G x 3 1/2″
SN*2070 Spinal Needle 20G x 2 3/4″
SN*2090 Spinal Needle 20G x 3 1/2″
SN*2270 Spinal Needle 22G x 2 3/4″
SN*2290 Spinal Needle 22G x 3 1/2″ (Black)
SN*2590 Spinal Needle 25G x 3 1/2″
Individually contained in a peel apart blister pack
Color-coding on the stylet hub, blister pack and shelf pack facilitate rapid gauge identification
Ultra-sharp bevel design minimizes patient trauma
High tensile strength of the cannula provides extra patient safety
Sterile by EO Gas
Latex free


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