NiKi T34L Infusion Syringe Pump

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Caesarea Niki T34L™ Syringe Pump (McKinley)
Advanced Syringe Infusion

Enhance your syringe infusion capabilities in any care setting. The T34L™ syringe Pump from CME contains advanced syringe pump functionality in a lightweight, space-saving design. It’s many programming, safety and convenience features make the T34L™ easy to manage for any infusion
protocol wherever the patient receives care. The pump also comes with rechargeable Li-Polymer battery to allow complete autonomy.

Intended Use
• Subcutaneous
• Intravenous
• Percutaneous
• Epidural
• Intra-arterial

• Medication/analgesic
• Anaesthetics
• Critical care
• Palliative care
• Chemotherapy
• General fluid replacement




Features & Benefits

Automatic Syringe Detection
Automatically detects any syringe brand using 3 independent sensor system. Unique algorithm detects your drugs volume to reduce dosing errors.

Fully Programmable Infusion
Deliver continuous, intermittent and bolus-dose protocols.

Programmable Flow Rates
0.1 – 1500 ml/h range to meet your every needs.

Programmable Infusion Time
Instead of rate, you can select from 10 minutes to 100 hours infusion time. The T34L™ then automatically calculates flow rate for you.

Programmable KVO Rate
0 – 2 ml/h range.

Configure Group Settings
BodyComm™ software with serial port allows you to customize an infusion protocol and program multiple T34L™ with same protocol.

Air & Mobile Medicine
CME infusion pumps provide a complete range of infusion onboard any air or ground vehicle. CME pumps are RTCA-DO160 compliant.

BodyCommTM Software
Review patient history with charts and 1000 events log or manage pump settings on your PC.

True Portability

Size 205 x 98 x 45 mm The T34L™ fits anywhere.

Weight 411 g Patients can carry it wherever they go.

Battery-Powered Uses a long-life rechargeable Li- Polymer battery for up to 100 full syringe deliveries.

PCA Model Available
Designed especially to deliver analgesics using a Luer-Lock syringe.

Inpatient/Outpatient Accessories
A docking station is available for pole-mounted use, as wellas a carrying pouch for home care.

Battery or AC-Powered
Change between battery and AC (mains) power without interrupting infusion therapy.

Safety & Security

Dose Titration
Operator or patient can titrate flow rate up to pre-set limit for safe, convenient dose adjustment.

Full Alarm Protection
Helps prevent events and instill confidence in patients.

Easy-Scroll Event Review
Press Info key for hour-by-hour event log.

3 Safety Control Points
Syringe must be engaged at plunger, flange and collar before pump will start.

3-Level Access Codes
Prevent accidental or unauthorized program changes.

PH NiKi T34L

Proficiency use of Niki T34/T34L Syringe driver/pump

1. Proper way of loading the syringe

2. Understand the functions(s) of various buttons – Info, Up and Down keys
Yes/Start , No/Stop , FF/Purge/Bolus and BF Buttons and On/off button

3. How to Off the pump

4. How to Change battery

5. Understand the information displayed on the LCD infusion rate, Time remaining
and how to access to more information such as Volume infused, VTBI and Battery status

6. Know the difference between the LCD’s massage “YES” to resume and “NO” for new syringe/patient

7. Able to program the pump and set timing and rate for infusion

8. Able to handle Alarms – end battery, syringe misplaced, Collar sensor,
Arm down , occlusion, near end infusion and technical issue

Advanced Training
1. Able to access “ change setup “mode

2. Understand the various setup options- Occlusion pressure, Maximum Bolus
Default duration, Titration and Program Loc


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