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Embryon Mucus Sampling Syringe

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Embryon Cervical Mucus Sampling Syringe

For post-coital sample collection, mucus viscosity evaluations, detection of mucosal contaminants for diagnosis in infertility.

Also indicated for sampling for STD culturing and removal of mucus plug prior to colposcopy.

3.1mm OD for easy, well tolerated, low trauma insertion.
3.1mm OD x 240mm x 1.8ml volume Polypropylene outer tube – end eye , red piston
Depth markers to minimise risk of perforation.
Smooth piston action with high vacuum for rapid effective sampling, minimising cross contamination of sample

R57.507 – Clinically clean per 50
HSA Registered.

R57.508 – Sterile pack of 25s. Individually Packed.
HSA Registered.

Mucus Sampling syringe

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