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BD Vacutainer Eclipse Signal Blood Collection Needle

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BD Vacutainer® Eclipse™ Signal™ Blood Collection Needle with Integrated Holder

Intuitive design featuring anti-slip ridges, natural thumb fit and ergonomic lip for ease of use, comfort and complete user control
Built-in safety shield in alignment with the bevel of the needle – permanently and securely locks in place after blood collection
Full integration of holder and needle reduces the risk of holder-end needlestick injuries and improves efficiency of the blood collection process
Flashback chamber provides immediate confirmation of venous access
Immediate, single-handed safety shield activation removes the need for hard surface activation – reduces the risk of needlestick injury

Box of 50s

Product Codes
368835 | 21G x 1.25″ c/w single use holder (Green)
368836 | 22G X 1.25″ c/w single use holder (Black)